Why Are Throw Pillows So Expensive?

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Getting the right throw pillows can add levels of character to your room and make a huge difference to the look (and feel) of your space. 

Throw pillows are versatile – you can lighten up a living room with some bright-colored throw pillows, or give it some contrast by adding some flashy, deep-colored throw pillows to the couch.

Settling for just one pillow design from the vast array of options can be a considerable challenge for some. However, one snag you’ll probably hit after you’ve found the right pillow is the high price.

Like most home décor, throw pillows are also available at a range of prices. However, while regular pillows come in at between $20-$100, good throw pillows start at around $50, and prices go all the way up to $250 and even higher in some cases.

Getting a few good throw pillows can put a big dent on your finances – and wondering if the pillows are worth the money is reasonable, if not required. 

What makes throw pillows so expensive?

Let’s find out.

Why Throw Pillows Are Expensive

Reason #1: Aesthetics

Throw pillows strike the right balance between aesthetics and comfort, whereas regular pillows only focus on comfort.

Good throw pillows are characterized by strikingly colorful design. A lot of throw pillows also feature fringes and beading, which gives these pillows a distinct, spirited look. 

The high price is a result of the work that goes into creating these designs. Most throw pillows are handmade, and the aesthetic is a result of good workmanship. 

Not only do throw pillows look good, but they also help tie in the theme of your space and set a lively ambiance. These are things you cannot accomplish with a regular pillow. 

One advantage with throw pillows is that there are tons of unique throw pillows featuring different design styles available in the market. Finding throw pillows that match the theme of your room, and the style of your décor will be relatively easy.

Reason #2: Comfort

Regular pillows cannot define your personality and taste like throw pillows do. However, exceptional aesthetics is not the throw pillows’ only métier.

Throw pillows are typically made from luxe fabrics such as silk, cashmere, satin, wool, and velvet. And these are just the fabrics used on the cover – the fill is soft and fluffy, and is made from entirely different materials. 

Down throw pillows are the most expensive pillows because down is much softer and durable than other pillow fills. You can also find throw pillows with polyester or foam fills, but since synthetic fills are less comfortable, many prefer down pillows over synthetic ones. 

Put simply, the price of the pillow is reflective of the workmanship and quality of material used.

But this is not all. Many other factors have a considerable say in the price of the throw pillow. Learning the different characteristics of throw pillows and understanding why some pillows are more desirable (and hence more expensive) than others will help you decide if a given throw pillow is worth your money.

Let us look at some of the most important features that make a throw pillow more expensive than another.

Reason #3: Shape And Size

Throw pillows come in a variety of sizes and shapes. A useful rule of thumb is that the bigger the cushion is, the more it will cost. 

To give your room a dynamic look, you must find throw pillows of different shapes and sizes and pick designs that complement each other.

Throw pillows are available in four shapes: 


Square is the most common throw pillow shape. These typically come in 16-inch, 18-inch, 20-inch, and 22-inch versions. You can also find bigger square pillows (24-inch, 26-inch, 28-inch), but you’ll rarely find a square throw pillow bigger than 30-inches.

If you like to change up your décor’s look frequently, you must stick to square throw pillows. Since pillow insert sizes are standardized, you’ll have no trouble finding replacement pillows covers after buying a pillow.

When buying a pillow cover, make sure that you get a cover two inches smaller than the size of your pillow. It will ensure that you get a snug fit since a loose pillow cover can look very shabby.

If you like your pillows clean and don't care much about switching it up, square throw pillows will be perfect for you since the cover is usually removable, and you can machine-wash it when it gets dirty. 


Round pillows are less common when compared to square pillows, but they still have a unique appeal that can enrich a room’s look. 

These pillows can be an effective piece of décor to balance out the straight lines of square pillows.

Bear in mind that round pillows usually do not come with removable covers, and you can only dry-clean them. You can find round throw pillows as small as 12-inches, and as large as 32-inches. It is vital that you pick the right size to give your bed or couch a balanced look. 

Round pillows tend to be less expensive than square pillows.

Lumbar (Oblong)

These are rectangular pillows that can provide excellent back support. A small lumbar pillow will look great on the couch when it is paired with a larger square pillow.

Lumbar pillows are typically 12 inches wide and 20 inches long, but you can find bigger lumbar pillows too.

Lumbar pillows and square pillows are similarly priced.


Bolster pillows are cylinder-shaped pillows meant to prop up your arms or support your back when seated. 

These are typically used on beds and rarely on couches. Bolster pillows come in a variety of sizes and tend to be slightly cheaper than square pillows. 

Regardless of what shape pillow you purchase, the design style and embellishments used will also affect the price.

Reason #4: Fabric

Cotton, velvet, and linen throw pillow covers tend to be the most affordable ones. Wool, fur, and cowhide throw pillow covers cost a lot more. 

Each fabric has unique properties and gives furniture different looks. Cotton, velvet, and linen pillow covers are more durable and work well in all kinds of weather. 

On the other hand, wool, fur, and cowhide pillow covers are more plush and fluffy and ideal for cold climate. 

When it comes to fabric, quality varies, and you will notice variations in price accordingly.

Reason #5: Fill


Down tends to be the most expensive fill of all, and is much softer and durable than its counterparts. Down throw pillows are exceptionally comfortable and can easily be fluffed back into shape.


Round and bolster throw pillows typically have a foam fill because foam tends to retain its shape better than down or polyester. 

Foam pillows tend to be cheaper than down pillows.


Polyester fill throw pillows are an excellent choice if you plan to use throw pillows solely for decorative purposes.

These pillows tend to be the cheapest, but sometimes have lumps which can affect the look of the whole space.

When redoing your home, you must always plan first, and purchase later. 

Having a rough idea of what you want your couch or bed to look like, how many pillows you want, and which pillow will go where will not only ensure that the space looks neat, but will also help you stay on budget.

You already know what you should be looking for – and giving your space a fresh look on a budget should be easy.

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