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What Types of Massage, Best Massage Chairs Can Offer?

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What Types of Massage, Best Massage Chairs Can Offer?

When you are planning to buy a massage chair, it is better to do some forehand research about its functions and features. You can check what types of massages it can offer against which price. It will be beneficial to you, and you would be able to get a perfect massage chair for you. I will discuss here the types of massage you will get from your massage chair. You will not find all of these massage types in one chair though it will contain most of them. Almost all massage chairs have the same functions. Let’s check the types of massage you can get from your massage chair.

If you buy a Shiatsu Massage Chair, you will find 17 different features in it. It will provide you with the following massage types.

  • With the help of six different Massage modes, you get Upper body massage. The upper body massage includes your neck area and both of your shoulders.
  • The massage chair also provides you with a lower-body massage. The lower body includes the spine, thighs, feet, and calves.
  • You also get the back massage from it. The back massage involves the massage of buttocks and back with the lower spine area.
  • It also gives you the Hip air massage.
  • When you sit down on the seat, it vibrates and provides you with the vibration massage. This kind of massage increases the circulation of your blood in the entire body to refresh and rejuvenate you.
  • The arms are not an exception as its muscles are most important for you and you feel them severely tired after a hectic day. You will get the vibration massage for your hands. If you want to change the mode, you can also get the air massage for both of your arms. It helps to strengthen the muscles and gives you relief from pain.
  • You can get the heat with air massage for the lower lumbar points of your body. It includes the lower spine area too. The heat with air massage helps in maintaining the fundamental posture of your body.
  • When you sit on the massage chair and select “zero-gravity” mode, the system will lift your body above your heart, and the blood will start circulating in your body equally. The weight of the body is also distributed evenly. You can select three modes of massage according to your requirements. If you want to get relief from pain in any particular area, you can select “Fixed” mode. The people who want to get relaxed after a long, burdensome day can use “Partial” mode. The people who want to get the best of both worlds should select “full-body” massage mode. Again I would say that the choice is yours.

So, buddies! I just described the massage types generally that can be found almost in every massage chair. If you want to buy a particular massage chair with unique features, you can do a research about that before going to the market to purchase it. You will get a lot of options to make a perfect selection.

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