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What is Lymphatic Drainage Massage and its Benefits

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What is Lymphatic Drainage Massage and its Benefits

Most of the people are only aware of the vessel system of the body that carries the blood around and supplies it all over the body. Only a few people understand the importance of the vessel system that is responsible for removing cell wastes, excess fluids, bacteria and viruses from the body. This vessel system is commonly known as the lymph system. While we focus on all other aspects of our body, the lymph system is often ignored.

Importance of Healthy Lymph System

There is a whole road map inside the human body, where the cells travel, vessels flow and make everything work. specifically, the lymph nodes are the checkpoints along the vessel pathways. Their function is to filter the fluids and make room for lymphocytes that attack and destroy unwanted bacteria, viruses and abnormal cells like cancerous cells. When a person has a healthy lymph system, his immunity is strong and has the power to fight against illnesses.

What is Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Before going towards the importance and benefits of a lymphatic drainage massage, it is important to understand what this massage is. It may be not as much popular in comparison to other massage types, but this is as beneficial as others. According to Dr. Weil, lymphatic massage therapy was designed in Germany to treat lymphedema patients. It is often recommended after a surgery; because the body undergoes a lot of changes and removal of lymph nodes during the procedure. Lymphatic drainage massage is a delicate massage that is aimed to work on the lymph flow. It consists of numerous constant, light and rhythmic movements. A very little or no pressure at all is exerted; it is just like touching the skin in a certain motion.

A lot of patients refuse to take lymphatic drainage massages after they have undergone a surgery because they find it useless.  It is a common perception, that a massage has to be aggressive and works on the muscles only. However, people who agree to go for lymphatic massage have reported a great change in their immunity and speed of recovery after two or three sessions.

Benefits of Lymphatic Drainage Massage

A single session of the lymphatic massage lasts for an hour. The patient may not even feel the pressure because the massage is based on touching the skin in specific motions. The following are some amazing benefits of having a lymphatic massage. it is not necessary that you can only take it after you have had major surgery, but also to prevent lymphedema.


Surgeries like mastectomy for breast cancer can be difficult on the body. Lymph drainage massages are effective for getting rid of hematomas and edemas by boosting the regeneration of tissues. However, if you start taking the massage a month prior to the surgery, it will help in the elimination of toxins from the body along with increasing the cell’s ability to repair and regenerate on its own.


Cellulitis is more likely to appear when fat deposits in the feet and compress the lymph vessels, making it difficult for them to flow. By getting regular massage sessions for a period of three months can solve the problem and enable the lymph vessels to flow easily.

Pregnancy and PMS

A woman’s body undergoes millions of hormonal changes during pregnancy and PMS. These changes determine liquid retention and decrease in the tone of lymph vessels and veins. If a pregnant woman starts to take lymphatic drainage massages at the beginning of the second trimester up to the delivery time, it will prevent the body from swelling. Feet get swollen more than any other body part, so the massage can be focused on the feet. While in PMS, the swelling in the lower abdomen can be prevented by taking a massage at the end of the cycle for a week.


Surgery scars or other wound scars can be treated with lymphatic drainage massage. Edemas are more likely to form over a wound if it does not get the right treatment in time. With a lymphatic massage, even the oldest scars can be recovered because this massage activates the lymphocytes that are responsible for the reconstruction of healing tissues.


Lymphatic massage is effective for treating acne, in the same way as it is effective for treating unwanted scars. Acne is developed due to inflammation of the skin, which can be decreased by getting a lymphatic massage for a couple of weeks. It is one of the rapid cures of acne.

There are numerous other benefits of lymphatic drainage massage other than the ones mentioned above. However, just like all other types of massages; lymphatic drainage massage is beneficial for the wellness of an individual. We just have to make massages an important part of our lives rather than just a luxury.

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