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Massage Therapist VS Back Massager: Comparison

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Massage Therapist VS Back Massager: Comparison

If you are hesitant while making a choice between a back massager and a massage therapist, this write-up is for you. I am going to explain the difference between both of them by describing their advantages. Let’s start without wasting time.


Time Requirement

When you are going to a massage therapist, you need to make an appointment first. After that, you have to cancel out all of your activities to visit a massage therapist. That can delay the massage for a few days because you cannot cancel out your important activities. That is not the case for using a back massager. Back Massager is a hand-held device that can be used anytime. You do not need to use it at a particular time.

Never used a back massager? Here’s the perfect usage guide.

Can be carried While Travelling

If you want to take it with you while traveling, you can do so too. Just unlock it by using the “Unlock” button and put it on two separate pieces of your luggage. So, you can use it anywhere. You cannot carry your massage therapist anywhere, and here, I would strongly recommend getting a back massager as compared to going to a massage therapist.


Some people are allergic to perfumed massaging oils used by massage therapists. While using a back massager, there is no problem with massaging oils and allergies, even they have health benefits for your body too. You just need to use its tip on a particular area where you have muscular pain, and that’s all.


The massage therapists exert pressure on specific areas of your body. Sometimes this pressure is soft and often it is hard to bear. An expert massage therapist knows well how much pressure should be exerted. But sometimes you select a massage therapist that is not so trained. So, you can get soreness instead of getting relief. While using back massager, you know very well how much pressure should be exerted. You can apply the intense pressure if you can bear. Otherwise, apply mild pressure to soothe your muscles.


When you are visiting a massage therapist, you generally spend $80 to $100 for taking one session of massage. That becomes costly for you if you are visiting your massage therapist regularly every month. But you can’t afford to go to him weekly. While using an electric back massager, you do not need to pay anything. Just spend money to buy a back massager only. Then you are free to use it for years. There is no additional cost for using it. You can use it daily, weekly or monthly according to your requirements.

I am not against going to a massage therapist, but the back massager is the need of the hour and no doubt, it is more convenient to use a back massager as compared to going to a massage therapist. Although a massage therapist knows the muscles, the joints and massage points of your body, back massager provides more ease in life. You can make a choice for your convenience. Personally, I would prefer a back massager because I know my muscles and intensity of pain well than any other person.

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