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Kitten Massage Techniques – They also need to Relax

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Kitten Massage Techniques – They also need to Relax

Your pet is your responsibility. Having a pet is just like having a baby; you have to look after it just like you look after a toddler. When you come home to your pet, it snuggles at your feet and you just forget about your angry boss and leave that was not accepted. One of the best ways to have a strong bond with your pet is by spending time with it. Specifically talking about cats, they need lots of love and attention from their master. Touching and stroking a cat makes it feel loved and wanted. These are some of the tricks to make your cat fall in love with you just the way you love it.

Benefits of Kitten massage

There is limited research about the importance of cat or kitten massage, but veterinarians do not deny its importance. Massaging your cat can have a lot of positive effects on its health and growth. Kitten massage techniques are not like regular massage techniques. You have to learn them or read about them before you do it to your cat.

Massaging your cat stimulates its nerves and muscles. It also improves the efficiency of the circulatory system and the lymphatic system. Kitten massage is good for the growth of your kitten as it enhances the growth muscles of the cat and works on the range of motion. Proper and learned massage therapists for animals know their focal points and massage to help with oxygen supply and nutrients for the muscles.

How to massage your kitten?

Here are a few things that you should know before you massage your kitten. Like we humans have a trigger and sensitive points; so do cats have. So, this has to be taken care of.

Prepare yourself

Before you prepare your cat to get a massage, you have to prepare yourself for it first. You have to give complete attention to your cat because this massage is not only going to be beneficial for the cat but also for you. A lot of people who are into pet activities find them very relaxing and stress relieving. Make sure that you have a proper space for the kitten on your lap or next to you on the sofa. With kids roaming around, massage will be useless for both of you.

Preparing your cat

Your kitten will only be comfortable getting touched if it is familiar with your hands and enjoys your touch. This is a reason why veterinarians recommend the owner of the pet to do the massage rather than hiring someone else to do it. Pet owners are usually familiar with the likes and dislikes of their cats. Some cats like sitting on your lap while some like to cuddle around your feet and watch television with you. You have to find the appropriate position for the cat.

Take a slow start

There is no need to rush into the massage. You have to make your kitten comfortable and let it understand that what you are doing is for its benefit. You can start by patting it gently and then stroke its back slowly. Cats enjoy the slow movement of your hands, so make sure you are following this rule. Repeat patting and stroking for a 2-3 minute. It is good for the cat to accept the touch and get familiar with the relaxing technique.

Massaging the backside of the neck is a great delight for cats. Run your fingers from the top of its head to the base of the neck slowly. Cats really enjoy tugging the loose skin on their neck.

Caressing the cat’s body with mild pressure will make you feel its bones. Do not freak out if you feel too much of the bones, but be careful not to apply too much pressure. A gentle massage in each crevice is really enjoyable and relaxing for the cat.

You have to be very careful while caressing the underside of the cat’s body. Some cats are sensitive and do like to be touched there, so try caressing softly to see if your kitten likes it. If it likes being touched there, then you are good to go, otherwise, the kitten will get defensive and annoyed in a second.

Once you are done with the massage, you will see that your cat will sit in its place for a long time and look very peaceful. On the other hand, you will feel much relaxed and comfortable after giving the massage to your beloved kitten. Having a kitten is like having your personal massage tool. There are different massage tools available in the market that are made of fur and soft material of the same kind; you won’t have to buy those if you have a personal cat. Massaging a kitten works for both sides. When your cat is relaxed and stress-free, you will also feel lighter on the head and stress-free on the body.

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