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How to Use a Massage Chair

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How to Use a Massage Chair

The people suffering from neck and backaches will find it very helpful to get a regular massage. It does not only work for the individuals who have back pain. It can reduce stress and tension. It helps relax the muscles to a greater extent. Since you cannot visit a massage spa or its therapist on a daily basis, it is good for you to buy a massage chair. You can use it to increase your functionality and to strengthen your muscles. As far as the utilization of this chair is concerned, I am going to provide you with a guide to using it. With the knowledge about its functions and buttons, you can use it more efficiently.

Massage Chair Usage Guide

Selecting the Modes

Every chair has almost the same functionality. So, no matter what is its manufacturing company. Sit in the chair peacefully and select a mode from the list. There are several methods you can use for it. The function of every mode is a bit different. I am sure you will be quite baffled here. That’s why I am going to explain the methods briefly.

Shiatsu Acupoints – When you select this mode, you will feel the rollers pressing the considerable stress releasing points of your back.

Gripping – If you choose this mode, the machine will start gripping your arms and legs and smug them for a while. After a few seconds, it will release them and again grip.

Tapping – In this mode, the massage mechanism uses the “karate chop” method and pushes the backrest area to give you a relaxing feeling.

Rolling – If you select rolling mode, the rollers will move to your back from upward to downward and vice versa. It helps in releasing the pain.

Kneading – When you use this mode, the rollers start moving in a circular way to relax your muscles.

The rollers play a vital role in any massage chair because they can provide you with the ideal massage. They work like the human hands working on your body to relieve your pain. Some chairs have a small number of rollers, and they can move to upward and downward only. But some advanced chairs have a variety of movements to give you the desired comfort in less time.

Select the Intensity Levels

The modern massage chairs contain a button to set the intensity level of the massaging mechanism. You will see two intensity levels. The first level is to move the frame close to the backrest. The second level sets the distance between the roller and the frame while you are receiving a massage. While selecting the intensity level, you should keep the requirements in your mind.

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  • You should not keep it near the heater because the heater can damage the wires by heating them.
  • You should not place it near the window in direct sunlight.
  • If the fabric or leather is damaged, you should avoid using the massage chair.
  • If you have cancer, cardiac problems, joints disease, spinal cord’s abnormality issues or mental disorder, you should consult the doctor before using the chair.

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