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How to Massage your own Back Using 3 Simple Techniques

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How to Massage your own Back Using 3 Simple Techniques

Your life isn’t only about waking up in the morning reaching your workplace, crushing yourself all day long and coming back home with a stressed mind and body. You cannot simply destroy your adulthood like that and suffer during your elderly age.

A simple solution to this is a soothing and relieving back massage that can kick all those worries in no time. Though you don’t need to meddle with some rocket science stuff for massaging your own back, instead follow these three techniques I’ve been using based on my personal experience of over 6+ years in the massage field.

Massage Your Back [Guide]

To be honest, I personally believe that only if an individual gets or gives himself a great back massage, it’s enough to relieve all the stress points because your back is the core area that leads to aches and sores in several other parts of your body.

So, here goes my brilliant 3-Step guide for massaging your own back without the need of any expensive equipment or a costly massage therapist.

1: Massaging the Upper Back

This is a very amazing method. Take a tennis ball, if you don’t have one, buy it. Make sure it is soft and has fluffy hairs on it. Now stand against a straight wall and place the tennis ball in between the left shoulder blade and the spine. Now press the back towards the ball and move back & forth, up & down and left & right gently and gradually. Make sure that when the tennis ball reaches your spine, you don’t press in too hard. This will cause pain. Repeat the process for a while.

2: Massaging Lower Back

Using the same tennis ball, lie on the floor and keep your legs straight. Place the tennis ball on the left of the corner where the pelvis and spine meets. Once again you have to be careful that the tennis ball doesn’t press directly against the spine. All set? Now roll horizontally on the tennis ball out towards your hips and back again. Also, roll vertically from the pelvis and up to the rib cage and finally back down. Repeat the process several times and do not roll over vigorously. Keep your movements gentle and gradual.

3: Deep & Strong Massage

This is a trickier one! Sit down on a soft mattress or cloth in yoga style. Now make your hands into fists and with the thumb side of the hands press into the sacrum (lower part of the spine). After that stroke the fists firmly and gradually up and down the area. If you find this procedure difficult, you can ask your partner to help you out with this because you can only focus on the lower back and hips. The upper back will need the assistance of another person.

I’ve been using these methods for quite a long time, and they work perfectly for me. You should keep a fixed time in a day where you can spare 15-30 minutes to work out on your back. Just remember two simple rules, “Gentle & Gradual.”

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