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How to Massage Scalp at Home

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How to Massage Scalp at Home

Massage is simply great! Irrespective of the area it is delivered, it helps to relax and relieve stress. When it comes to scalp massage, it promotes hair growth and soothes your mind. Scalp massage keeps your hair clean, conditioned and moisturized. It also stimulates the entire scalp and improves blood circulation and reduces stress.

In this guide, I will take you through a step by step method on how to effectively massage the scalp. We will be using the right techniques and ingredients and perform it gradually. Important to note here that the scalp is a delicate portion of the body. You have to be very gentle at the time of massage.

Massaging the Scalp [Guide]

  • You can perform scalp massage on wet or dry hair. The only thing to worry about is that the hair should be clean and free from hair products. Before starting, wash the hair with shampoo and rinse thoroughly. You can condition the hair or simply use shampoo and then rinse off thoroughly. If you prefer to massage with wet hair, always comb them to remove tangles.
  • Now spread your fingers and place the fingertips on the scalp. Never use nails as they may damage the scalp and even break hair strands. With your fingertips on the scalp, extend and contract them 3-5 times: like the shape of a checkmark.
  • Now move your finger around the scalp and cover all the areas. Perform a standard massage method by spreading the fingers on the scalp and making small circular motions. Always use slow and gentle movements when moving your fingertips in a circular motion and alternate the fingertips around different areas of the scalp.
  • Take any essential oil, I recommend using rosemary, thyme or lavender oil and apply two to three drops and massage the scalp with fingertips. Essential oils help to increase blood circulation and are also effective in treating the scalp of alopecia patients. They also moisturize the dry scalp, however; those with oily scalp should consult with their hairstylist to use any other product other than essential oils. Apart from essential oil, you can also use conditioners with mint or similar elements. This gives a very relaxing and stimulating experience.
  • Continue the massage for about 5-10 minutes. You can add some more drops of oil if necessary. The massage should be given twice a day for scalp benefits and healthy hairs. Take a break of 10 minutes and go for another session repeating the same process again.


You can use a soft-bristled brush as a massage tool to massage the scalp. This also helps to clean the scalp gently. Don’t forget to pour a few drops of essential oil on the bristles of the brush before sweeping it on the scalp.


Those with medical conditions such as eczema or psoriasis should consult a dermatologist before getting a scalp massage. Massage can potentially exacerbate the existing conditions instead of reliving them and makes it even worse. Also, if you have wounds in the scalp or your hair is too weak, do inform your massage therapist before he starts the massage session.

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