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How to Massage Lower Back

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How to Massage Lower Back

One of the most common pain around the world is lower back pain. The major reason for lower back pain is poor posture at work, an injury, stress or too little exercise. With a lower back massage, you actually isolate and rejuvenate the muscles located on your back that is usually causing the pain due to stress in that region.

Stretching your back in the right manner and using proper massage techniques for lower back can help to elevate the symptoms and provide comfort to the muscles. In this guide, we will take you through a step by step procedure on massaging the lower back effectively with long-lasting results. However, I highly recommend consulting a doctor as the pain could be chronic and due to a severe underlying cause. He can better assist you whether you need a proper health treatment or it’s a normal back pain issue, and you can do the massage yourself.

Let us hook up with the massage techniques!

Massaging Lower Back

The massage therapy techniques explained below are effective and provide substantial healing and pain relief. You should follow the steps strictly as per guidelines for instant results.

1: Oil Massage

  • I highly recommend using a massage oil which you can prepare at home or buy from the market. Alternatively use olive oil, coconut oil or a joint pain healing oil. Apply on the lower back directly and also lubricate your hands with it to avoid any friction with the skin. Now start with gentle strokes to warm up the area. Use your fingers to rub/massage the oil gently for about 5 minutes. This prepares the area for a more intensive rubbing.
  • Now with a gentle pressure, push the hands in an upward direction toward the heart. This gives a dramatic stimulation as the blood is flowing in this direction. Make sure that your massage strokes are moving from the tailbone up through the lower back. Bring back the hands towards the bottom again and continue the process for about 5 minutes. If the oil is absorbed, apply some more to prevent friction.
  • You should also go for circular kneading rotations. This requires slightly more pressure, not much, and must be performed with the palms and fingers. This breaks up the knots in the muscles and eliminates the toxins accumulated in them. Kneading should start with light strokes and then gradually shift towards the stronger ones.
  • Using the thumbs, move on the top of buttocks and use some extra pressure on this area. Press the thumb in the center of the lowest part of the back and also make circular motions outward toward each side and then upward back towards the center.
  • Finally, place your thumbs in the center of the lowest part of the back and then splay your fingers on the sides. Apply some pressure but make sure it doesn’t hurt. Now gradually slide the thumbs up towards the middle of the back and run the fingers light down the sides. Repeat this process for 10-15 minutes and finish the massage with effleurage for cooling the muscles.

2: Warm Towel Massage

While the oil massage is sufficient to get rid of the pain, however; you can use this method as well. Boil clean water in an average sized pot for 10-15 minutes. Now take a towel, dip it in the water and wrap it around the lower back area. If the water is too hot, you can squeeze some of it. Let the lower back be wrapped for about 10 minutes. Now remove the towel and massage the area using massage oil.


  • Never go for a deep tissue massage if you aren’t trained. This can lead to some serious risks associated with the technique. This might cause a severe injury that may last forever. Also if the person is suffering from arthritis, it may result in blood clots, internal bleeding, and even paralysis.

When you are massage and hit a tight knot, the person may grunt, but this doesn’t cause intense pain. However, make sure that you ask them time to time if they feel comfortable. If they complain about significant pain, discontinue the massage.

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