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How to Massage a Dog: Simple Techniques That Your Pet Would Love

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How to Massage a Dog: Simple Techniques That Your Pet Would Love

Just like humans, pets also love getting a massage, especially the dogs. It helps your pet to relax their body and decrease the blood pressure that results in their health and well-being. The amazing thing here is that the massage techniques used on pets are nearly the same as those performed on humans.


Another reason why canine massages are becoming popular is that they are easier and can be given in a matter of a few minutes, and your pet would feel fresh and happy. Also, the canine massage therapy helps to increase the flow of oxygenated blood in dogs, improves their joint flexibility, makes them feel relaxed, relieves them from pain and contributes to strengthening their immune system.

The technique uses gentle touch for maintaining an emotional and physical well-being with your pet. Although you can find plenty of automatic pet massagers that work great, your pet would love a massage from your hands than from a machine.

So, here are some great techniques to give your pet a lovely massage. I’ve summed up each step in detail by covering dog’s entire body.

1: Massaging the Neck

Pets love getting a massage around the neck area. So, we’ll start off by giving a neck massage first! Using your fingertips, start making gentle circular motions just below the head. Put a gentle pressure, not much else your dog would feel uncomfortable. If you have a small dog, make small circular motions and vice versa. You must be aware that your dog’s neck region is pretty much delicate, and he hates if something hard pressed against it. Try not to go for a deep tissue massage, instead keep it gentle and try to maintain your bond throughout the session.

2: Massaging the Shoulders

Now, this has to be done with some extra care. You have to be patient and gentle at the same time. To give a shoulder massage order your dog to sit down. Now from behind, bring both of your hands on each of his shoulders. This is, in fact, the favorite spot that your pet loves to be massaged. Now start by making the circular motions but this time with a little more push. You need to spend some extra time around the shoulders as this is the part that is holding the weight of the body.

3: Working on the Legs and Chest

To be honest, most of the dogs don’t like to be touched on the legs. It is very much necessary that you have a high emotional and physical bond with your pet before you reach out for massaging his feet. In case your dog tried to flinch, immediately remove your hands and reach some other part of the body. It’s better to work on the chest area first. Do this with your fingertips in a circular motion and making a to and fro motion of the hand. For legs, press your palms a bit and then gently rub the legs.

4: Massaging the Back

The only thing left now is your dog’s back. Using your hands and shoulders go forward and backward on the back and also make circular motions with your fingers on the spinal area. This makes him feel good. What’s not recommend here is putting a lot of weight on your pet’s back. This can make him feel uncomfortable, or he may even take it as a punishment because dogs are highly emotional.

As a happy ending, you can gently press his paws with your fingers tips and finally reward him with his favorite snack for being an obedient pet throughout the session. Let us know how your first experience with massaging your dog was?

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