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How to Keep Silk Sheets on Bed? Prevent from Slipping

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How to Keep Silk Sheets on Bed? Prevent from Slipping

Nobody will argue that silk is the very best material substance to make products for all your bedding desires. It is hypoallergenic and bacterial-resistant. It is also delicate and lightweight. Silk bedding is very durable, as with the proper care, you can enjoy at least ten years of its good quality. And it is excellent for your skin and hair.

Silk sheets offer a fresh, slick comfort; however, it may be tricky getting the covers to stay set, especially if you toss and turn at night. Sometimes you find yourself waking up with all your silk sheets and comforters on the floor. They are incredibly soft and smooth. However, all these features mean that they are slippery. For that reason, they tend to slide off the bed. And if you also have other silk bedding, like silk sheets or a silk duvet, this becomes an even bigger problem. In this article, I have listed some tips for you to solve this annoying problem.

Guide on How to Avoid Silk Bedding from Sliding Off the Mattress

Tip #1: Clips to Prevent Slipping

These clips grab the bedding several inches away from the bottom corners, fitted diagonally around the corner, or go across the width of the bed in the desired location. In each case, the sheets straps go between mattress and box spring, and the clip ends grab the bedding. A clip-only version has a horizontal and vertical surface, much like a bookend. The bottom portion slides beneath the mattress while the bedding slides into the top part, keeping it in place. When used correctly, the right bedding clips will keep your silk sheets from sliding to the floor. Clips are popular because they are cheap and easy to acquire. The same can be said for the straps. The downside to a clip is it is visible on the side of the bed. Hold the silk sheet in place near the foot of the bed with bedding clips. Thus, the silk sheet can slide in and out of bed, but it will not fall on the floor. Bedding clips hold a silk sheet near the foot of the bed, allowing room to slide in and out of bed without the sheet slinking onto the floor.

Tip #2: Try Bed Suspenders to Secure the Sheets

Sheet suspenders, or sheet straps, are elastic bands used to keep slick or ill-fitting sheets in place. They can work on solving the problem positioned over the silk sheets. They go between the box spring and the mattress. These elasticated straps are adjustable and are designed to clip onto the sides of each corner of your bedsheet to hold it in place. When deployed, they will keep the sheets from shifting position. You can get them in various sizes, so you don’t have to worry about the size of your mattress or your sheets, you’ll be sure to find the right one for you.┬áThis is probably the most straightforward method you could use. Straps fit horizontally across a bed near the bottom to keep a silk sheet in place, or in an “X” fashion diagonally beneath the entire mattress to hold a fitted sheet in place.

Tip #3: Tuck Time

Tucking the sheets in thoroughly at the foot of the bed and the sides near the foot of it also help keep it intact. No matter what type of sheets you choose, always make sure it’s adequately tucked under each corner of your mattress. Tuck ends of the materials between mattress and box spring. For example, there is a technique called ‘hospital corner’, which can try that can help your sheets stay where they are.

Tip #4: Check Size of your Sheets

Believe it or not, sometimes silk sheets keep popping off the mattress because they are too small. To solve this, you can make sure that you order the right size of the sheets. There are two possibilities:

  • If your sheet is too small, this will stretch the fabric, which is likely to reduce the product’s quality and increase its likelihood of sliding off the corners.
  • Or if your bed sheet is too big, it could bunch up and become loose, making it more likely to come away from the mattress. If you’re unsure of what size sheets you need, use this straightforward.

Tip #5: Also check the size of your mattress

This is another case where the mattress is the problem. Some mattresses are simply too thick. In such cases, you can get a new mattress or get deep sheets that can handle the thickness of your mattress. The first option is not always a viable option, as it is a significant investment. So, new silk sheets are the solution to this case.

Tip #6: Check the Material

Make sure by reading the tag on your sheets that it is made of silk. Otherwise, if they are made of satin, for example, this material is even more slippery. Another example is cotton, which, when mixed with silk, does a better job of sticking to the bed.

Tip #8: Place non-slip rug corners under the mattress.

You may have seen the corners that you place under rugs to keep them from moving. You can also use these for your silk sheets. Place one under each corner of the mattress, and then put the sheets on as usual. The stickiness of the edges keeps the sheets in place. They can also be replaced by foam.

Tip #9: Place a rougher sheet underneath the softer sheet

Try placing a rougher sheet underneath the fitted sheet, such as a flannel sheet, to help keep the top one from popping off.


I hope these ideas help you to avoid your sheets from popping off your mattress. Nice shopping!

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