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How to give a Hot Stone Massage

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How to give a Hot Stone Massage

The history of hot stone massage dates back to ancient times. It was a major healing tradition of Ayurveda as far back as 5000+ years ago in India. Japanese have been using this technique for warming the abdomens to improve digestion about 4000 years ago. Even the ancient Chinese were quite familiar with the heated stone therapy, and they mainly used it for improving the function of their internal organs about 2000 years ago. The Native Americans used it during rituals and sweat lodges about hundreds of years ago. In simple, the technique has been popular throughout the globe for long and is nowadays an effective method for healing injuries, muscle pain, and stress.

Nowadays, hot stone massage is a favorite pick of many clients at spas and salons. Back in the ancient times, it was done with smooth basalt, however; most of the massage therapists and spas use oil for the hot stone massage with some fragrant oils as well. Moreover, there are different places from where you can find home massage kits featuring smooth stones with massage oils and instruction manual on preparing your hot stone massage therapy.

Giving a hot stone massage is pretty much easy. The only thing to care about is to ensure that the stones don’t get too hot. In this guide, I will tell you how to give a hot stone massage using simple techniques with some tips and indications.

Giving a Hot Stone Massage

You will need to buy a HOT STONE MASSAGE KIT. A few recommended ones can be found here at affordable prices.

1: Washing

Once you have your hot stone massage kit, carefully put the stones in a basket and wash them in the basin or sink. Use an antibacterial soap for washing and rinse them well.

2: Heating

The latest hot stone massage kits come with an electric or simple cooker for heating them. However, if you have the stones only, you can also use an electric slow-cooker or a deep saucepan. Fill it with water, put the stones inside and warm the water. Massage stones take at least 30 minutes to warm up. Your massage stones should not be hotter than 125 degrees Fahrenheit. If the temperature goes beyond 125F, it will be too hot to handle and would burn the skin.

3: Placing the Stones

  • Have the person to face down on the massage table, mat or bed. Ask them to be naked or wear thin undergarments. Also, cover them with a towel or a clean sheet for the sake of modesty and to prevent them from getting cold. Now place the warm stones on the top of the left leg, in the center of the thigh, behind the knee and on the calf. Meanwhile, you can massage the right leg using massage oil.
  • Now take the biggest stone from the left leg and slide it up to his right leg from the heel to the bottom. Make sure that there is enough massage oil on the leg to prevent friction while sliding the stone.
  • Now place the other hot stones on the right leg in the same manner you put them on the left one. Let them sit there for 3-5 minutes and meanwhile massage the left leg.
  • Now put two large stones on the buttocks. One on each. Meanwhile, you can massage the muscles.
  • Finally place the warm stones on the neck, shoulders and along the length of the backbone. Ask the person to turn over and place the stones in the same manner as you did for the backside.


Massage the arms with the gliding stone and apply massage oil to make it friction-less. This gives a sensational effect on the person receiving the massage.


Never put the warm stones on the face or scalp. The skin on that area is too thin. Stones may either burn the skin or cause rashes or even bleed.

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