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How To Do Lymphatic Massage

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How To Do Lymphatic Massage

The lymphatic system helps to eliminate body’ waste. It is necessary to keep it healthy and active to function effectively 24/7. Your lymphatic system makes uses the natural movements of smooth muscle tissue for eliminating the waste material from your body. Sometimes, surgery, an injury or any other damage may result in fluid buildup in your lymphatic system, especially in the lymph nodes that may result in lymphedema.

To ensure a healthy lymphatic system, a lymphatic drainage massage or lymphatic massage can prove to be very effective. Most of the lymph nodes are located on the front of the body which makes it easier for you to reach them. It’s not a vigorous massage, in fact, a gentle one that doesn’t strain your hands and could be performed in 15 minutes or less. The person receiving the massage feels relaxed, detoxified and healing sensations running down his body.

Benefits of Lymphatic Massage

  1. Helps to increase the capacity of lymph system dramatically by boosting it to process ten times more fluid than normal.
  2. Help to increase the flow of lymph nodes. This results in filtering of waste products, dead cells and the excess proteins from the body.
  3. Helps in an increased production of lymphocytes.
  4. Activates parasympathetic response that relaxed the body.

Performing a Lymphatic Massage

  • Firstly wash your hands and dry them with a towel. Now place the fingertips on the base of the neck at the superior edge of the clavicle. Make sure that you use a gentle touch, stretch the skin medially towards the sternal notch. Keep it gradual and gentle. Repeat the process three to five times.
  • Now place the pads of both fingers on top of trapezius muscle located at the back of shoulders, and gently stretch the skin in a curving motion towards the outer shoulder and a bit forward. The stretching movement should last for 3-5 seconds.
  • Next place both the hands around the neck of a butterfly’s wing. This feels more like a choking hold. With the pads of the fingers stretch the skin over the sternocleidomastoid muscles and towards the clavicle. This should be very slow and gentle.
  • Now place the pads of the fingers on the side of the neck and stretch the skin forward and then in a downward direction towards the clavicle.
  • Next, place your finger pads behind the earlobe from the front and here you can feel a soft spot. This is the waterwheel. Stretch the skin over the waterwheel in a downward direction with a little pressure for about 3-5 seconds and then release it.
  • By now, the lymph nodes have opened up around the neck region. Give a rinse & repeat to the steps mentioned above again and then move to the next one.
  • Lift the left arm and place fingertips on the peak of the armpit. This is a very important lymph of arm, breast and is a part of torso drain. Gradually push inward towards the centre of the body for about 5 seconds and then release. Repeat the same process on the right arm as well.
  • It is time to treat the lymph nodes in the abdominal region. Simply use some massage oil and massage the abdomen until absorbed.
  • Next place the pads of a fingertip on the center of the ribcage and navel and gently push inward and upward for a few seconds and repeat the process twice.
  • Finally, place the hands flat on both sides of the lower abdomen so that they make a V-shape. Now gently push inward and upward on a diagonal towards the sternum.

That’s all you need to know about a full lymphatic massage. It is very effective and helps to relax and rejuvenate the body instantly. Best of all it doesn’t make the person tired who is giving a massage.

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