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How to Choose a Down Comforter: What You Need to Know

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How to Choose a Down Comforter: What You Need to Know

The use of down in comforters started when businessmen tried to find a way on how to use feathers from slaughtered ducks and geese for food. Some people might choose to harvest down from live birds but it is not allowed, and it is not a common practice in a lot of countries. So, in this article, we will give some tips on how to choose a good down comforter.

What is Bird Down?

The down is a layer of exquisite feathers that is found below the tough feathers of a bird. The word down originated from the Old Norse word “Dunn” which also means “fine feathers of a bird.” Aside from comforters, down is also used in pillows, jackets, and sleeping bags. Down is used on comforters, most especially, because it has the ability to trap heat which is perfect in keeping us warm during cold nights.

Types of Down Feather

There are only two types of down feather—the goose and duck down. Geese down are most often preferred because geese are larger birds which makes their down clusters larger. Therefore, their down has a superior fill power which makes them more durable, resilient, and puffier. They also provide more warmth when used in bedding and are more valued than duck down. One more difference they have is duck down tends to have a weirder odor than goose down. This is because geese eat only grass while ducks have a more varied diet. Additionally, ducks are more likely to stay lower which is why their chests and bellies have more contact with the ground. However, the cleaning process during manufacturing will remove most of the unpleasant odors.

How to Choose a Down Comforter: A Guide

  • Choose a Size

Down comforters come in different sizes and they are twin, double, queen, king, and California King. You don’t really need to base the size of the comforter you’ll be buying on the size of your mattress. However, if you want your comforter to sit on top of your mattress or if you sleep beside someone who tends to grab your bedding, it will be better to choose a size that is larger than your mattress.

  • Consider the Warmth Level

Down comforters are sold according to weight, from extra light to ultra-heavy which is greatly determined by its fill power. So, if the fill power is around 500 to 550, this translates to a lighter down comforter which is more desirable to use during warmer weather. On the other hand, when a down comforter has a fill power of 700 or more, it means the comforter is more appropriate to use during the cold winter.

  • Check Out the Thread Count

Thread counts start from 200; however, a good quality down comforter should have a thread count of around 400 and above. Down comforters usually have a cover, so it is better to choose the one that has a higher thread count. In addition, a higher thread count means the thread in the fabric used is more tightly woven which then translates to a softer down comforter.

  • Purchase a Baffled Down Comforter

Baffles are the stitching used in the down comforter which creates patterns like boxes. Baffled stitching is important for a comforter to have because this prevents the filling from shifting which may create a build-up in the corners. If baffled stitching is not an option for you, we also have quilting as an alternative.

  • Cover It

To make your down comforter last longer and also to protect it, you would need a cover for it. Although you can wash down comforters, it’s a bit of a tedious process and most of the time they are large, so they don’t fit in home washing machines. In addition, having them professionally cleaned is quite costly. So, buy a duvet cover to keep it clean longer and to reduce the number of times you need to wash it.

  • Check Out the Amount of Down

Check out the label and make sure it says it’s 100 percent down because when it only says “down” it means it only contains 30 to 40 percent of actual down. This could then lead to discomfort because the remaining percentage of fill inside your comforter is just regular feathers. Even though 100 percent down comforters are a bit more expensive, they have better quality and are more comfortable to sleep with.

  • Choose the Right Color

Traditionally, down comforters come in one color which is white; however, there are brands that make down comforters in a variety of colors. This is a major plus especially if you want your bedroom to have some sort of color coordination. Additionally, some down comforters are reversible so, you can have two colors in one comforter.

The Conclusion

The down comforter makes a cozy companion at night whether you are located in a region where it is warmer, or you live in a place where it’s chilly. Also, a down comforter, or any type of comforter, for that matter, is an awesome addition to have in any bedroom. Choosing the right comforter for your needs can be a bit overwhelming because there are tons of options in the market; however, knowing how to choose a down comforter can be a great help in making a decision on which to purchase. To summarize, you have to know which type of down you want in your comforter. Goose-down comforters are more luxurious and can insulate more heat, but duck-down comforters are not a bad choice either. Good quality does not always mean it has to be costly; there is a lot of good quality down comforters that can fit your tight budget. However, if you have allergies, you might want to stay away from a down comforter and choose an alternative down comforter instead. Alternative down comforters are made of synthetic fibers which are hypoallergenic, so they are a better alternative for people with allergies.

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