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How much to tip Massage Therapist?

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How much to tip Massage Therapist?

Massage is a great way to relax and rejuvenate your body. It is a wonderful way of treating your body in a nice way. With the increasing demand for massage, there has been a tremendous increase in spas and salons that are offering different massage treatments at their spas or home. Nonetheless, they serve you with an unforgettable experience that helps to relax and calm your body from all day long stress and pains. Whether you visit a massage therapist at a spa or you, book a massage session at home, as a courtesy, you should tip him.

But how much…?

Well, here is a quick comparison of how much to tip a massage therapist. However, you should not tip medical clinics! I’ll discuss that later on.

Standard Tip

The standard hospitality rates for a massage therapist is usually 15-20 percent or 10-15 percent. These figures are also used by many people at restaurants and bars. Let say if your massage session costs you $50 or $100; the 15-20% or 10-15% hospitality rate would amount to somewhere between $7.5 to $15. However, you can tip more or less depending on how much you are pleased with his efforts. To be honest, an ideal amount of tip for a therapist should be $20. Too much? Try giving a massage to someone and you’ll understand how much exhausting it can be.

It must be noted here that a massage therapist who visits your residence gets the full portion of what you him including the tips. However, those working at a spa or salon receives a portion of what you pay to the spa. So, if you tip the therapist at a spa, it will cover the overhead that was deducted by the salon.

Still, if you are confused, directly ask the therapist what’s the average tip for his services is.

DIY (Do It Yourself)

Still, if you want to tip on your own, you should tip the therapist by developing your own rating scale. You should take some of the guesswork out of it, develop a rating scale and then tip him accordingly. So, if the massage sessions fall in the excellent range of your rating scale, tip him $15-$20. What I don’t recommend here is to become a religious tipper ($5, $7….). Just keep it above $10 and around $20. However, if you are a sort of a rich guy with a Lamborghini you can even tip a $50J.

Don’t Exaggerate

At a massage spa, the normal cost is $85 for the massage and $45 for a manicure that sums to $130. However, to balance your checkbook, round it up to a nice number. Let say $150 would be perfect. The additional $20 here should be used as a tip to the therapist and the nail technician. You can distribute it as you desire.

Lastly, you can tip a massage therapist at the salon or home, however, at a Medical Clinic, it isn’t necessary. Of course, you won’t be tipping a physical therapist who helps you rehabilitate from injury.

Last ‘most’ always tip with cash. Even if you swiped a credit card at the salon, you should pay cash as a tip to the therapist.

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