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How much does a TENS unit cost?

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How much does a TENS unit cost?

TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulation. Transcutaneous means across or through the depth of skin. Basically a TENS machine consists of sticky pads and a battery. The sticky pads are our electrodes. Pads are placed upon skin, upon turning device on, electric impulses are generated. Magnitude of these impulses is one that is not of a massive range. Electric current acts upon pain signals which move via different arcs towards central nervous system. Once these pain signals are reduced, pain is automatically cut down. Read this complete guide to know how TENS works?

There are many different variants of TENS unit available in market. All of these have same working principle but specifications are quite different for each version. Therefore it is necessary to first look at what one should consider while buying a TENS unit.

Selecting a TENS unit

Following specifications are worth bearing in mind while purchasing a TENS unit:

  • Is your unit Rechargeable or not?
  • What is its number of pads?
  • What are consumer ratings for your desired model of TENS unit?
  • Is it cleared by FDA as OTC class II medical device?
  • What preset programs your TENS unit has got?
  • How many intensity levels are there?
  • How much powerful your unit is?
  • Most of TENS units are consumer friendly but it will not go amiss to double check upon the fact weather your unit has got labeling or not.
  • If your device is rechargeable then inquire upon how is it charged and what is its charging time.
  • One year warranty is usually offered but that’s not a hard and fast rule. Some companies offer only a 3 month warranty.


Following are some of the TENS units along with their prices:

  • United Surgical Tens machine: 4 electrodes. Price is $26.84
  • truMedic TENS unit electronic pulse manager: Price $ 29.77
  • FDA Cleared 16 Modes TENS unit: Price $28.99
  • Healthmate forever Electric impulse massager: Price$39.99

Like it is the rule with all devices if you have more money you get more features. But it is entirely up to a customer that what appeases him or her the most. Make the right choice and save yourself from both physical and monetary pains by using a TENS unit for an irritation-free future!

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