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Health Benefits of Massage Chairs – Infographic

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Health Benefits of Massage Chairs – Infographic

If you’re looking for the best massage chair and also want to know what benefits you’ll get, if you use massage chairs, then here is a detailed infographic regarding massage chairs benefits.

While these revolutionary products promise to give relief from bodily and mental stress, they can also help to change your life completely. Here are a few benefits that help to bring about change in your life.

Decreases Tension and Enhances Flexibility

When your body is stretched, kneaded, or tapped using different massaging techniques, it loses your tight and strained muscles that allow your muscles to relax. When muscle tension is released, it ultimately enhances flexibility and relaxes your body. Quite often, it happens that after a 9-5 hectic routine and having a rough conversation with your boss, you are thoroughly frustrated. As a result of the mental stress, your body muscles begin that also puts a strain on your blood vessels. This produces tension in your body. However, receiving a rejuvenating and relaxing massage helps to get rid of this tension.

Increases the Endorphin Levels in your Body

Endorphins are the feel-good chemicals in your body. When your body gets a wonderful massage, it helps to stimulate the endorphin level in your body that induces positive results for you. When endorphin levels in your body enhance, it helps in reduced pain, reduced anxiety, and quick recovery from stress or strain.

Helps in Improving Venous and Lymphatic Flow

A quality massage and kneading operation on your muscles can dramatically increase the blood flow in your body. As the stimulation of blood increases, it facilitates the circulation and absorption of nutrition into your muscles and tissues. Moreover, it helps to clear the toxins of these areas and revitalizes the massaged area.

Helps to Boost Energy

Aside from regular 6-8 hours of sleep, they are an extended mode of boosting your overall energy. Not only they help in rejuvenating your body but also increases your productivity at the workplace. When the tired and worn-out muscles and stress points are stretched, rolled, kneaded, and loosened, it ultimately revitalizes your body. You feel energized and positive!

Helps to Relax Muscle Tension and Pain

This health care equipment is not only meant for relaxation. They also help to give relief from muscle tension and pain. Nowadays, back pain is also a common health issue that arises as a result of improper posture in the workplace. Most of the office workers or those who have desk-related jobs experience back pain. They are a great way of supporting your back and relieving the muscle tension & pain. They give you constant massage therapy and eliminates the need to take pain killers. Their ergonomics are so built that they conform to the spinal cord and pinpoints of your stress points, including the fatigue muscle tissues. Massage chairs have an incredible and extensive coverage that acts as an ideal masseur for alleviating back pain with the help of built-in heat therapy. The results are so satisfying that your body will crave for a massage again and again to relax the sores and pains.

Ensure a Better & Comfortable Sleep

massage chairs have rollers and airbags that work effectively around the head and spinal area. This gives relief from migraines and helps to relax your mind. Not only this, when this is combined with a full body massage and other comforting heat therapy, but it also relaxes your entire body. This helps a lot in ensuring better and comfortable sleep. Moreover, they have been reported to reduce the intensity of insomnia that results in faster and more recuperative sleep. Not to mention that nearly one-third of your life is spent while sleeping, and it accounts for your health and well-being. After a tough day at the office or any other workplace, you must get a comfortable sleep.

Instant Relieve from Pain

No doubts that these massaging chairs give instant relief from pain. When you receive a massage, it helps in improving the range of motion and widens your blood vessels. This increases the flow of blood and oxygen to your muscles, especially the stress points, and gives you relief from the pain. The muscle spasm and cramping are significantly reduced, and flexibility in your joints increases. As a result of increased blood flow and fresh oxygen, your injured and overused muscles also relax. Collectively a therapeutic effect is applied all over your body, and you feel relieved from mental and physical pain. As a matter of fact, massage chairs are perfect for those who often suffer from low back pain.

Increased Blood Circulation in Body

Nowadays, a high level of stress is a common health issue. This is primarily because of work pressure. When your body is in tension, blood circulation throughout your body is dramatically reduced by a certain percentage. This not only exhausts your body but adversely affects your productivity as well. These massage equipment calm your nerves and blood vessels. This results in increased circulation of blood throughout your body and helps in relieving any illness that is exacerbated by stress. Health care experts say that the increases blood circulation in the body helps to prevent high blood pressure problems, increased wound healing, and faster tissue repair.

Improves your Body Posture

They come with outstanding stretch programs that deliver a range of back flexion, extension, and rotational movements of the hips and lower back. This helps in loosening a stiff back and improving your body posture. By receiving a daily massage, you will notice an incredible change in your body posture. The pre-programmed massage sessions are so designed that they delicately work on every part of your body. As a result, not only you notice a better body posture, but it also loosens the stiff accumulated fatty areas on your body and helps lose weight fast.

Helps in Strengthening Your Immune System

You’ll be amazed to know that a massage chair can help strengthen our immune systems. It develops your body’s natural defense against the toxic invaders. Moreover, by stimulating the lymph system in your body, they have shown to increase the quantity of those cells that fight cancer in breast cancer patient’s bodies. Massage also releases endorphins in the body that act as natural painkillers. This makes the massage an effective way of relieving chronic illnesses, injury, and fast recovery from surgeries. Ultimately, when your immune system is strengthened by the natural effects of massage, the recovery time after strenuous workouts is dramatically reduced, and the subsequent risk of muscle strain and sprains is also reduced.

No Massage Therapist is required

You feel like a real human is giving you a massage on these machines. Initially, when these health equipments were introduced, there were a lot of flaws in them like the kneading mechanism was like someone is trying to beat you from behind. Unlike those, the latest models give you a realistic massage experience. You feel more comfortable and relaxed. Plus, you have full privacy! How about playing your favorite music while receiving a massage? Surely it would be a great experience! Above all, massage recliners eliminate the cost of paying your personal massage therapist every month or for every visit.

Prevents High Blood Pressure

Massage is undoubtedly an ideal way to get rid of bodily and mental stress. This helps in preventing high blood pressures and encourages an increased heart rate. I personally feel that those who are working in industries with high-demand jobs would benefit a lot from massage chairs. They help a lot in reducing the negative impacts of stress on your body.

Moreover, after every massage session, there would be a significant increase in your parasympathetic nervous system or PNS that counteracts any stress response induced by the Sympathetic Nervous System or SNS and helps to keep your body in balance. In addition to that, when high blood pressure is controlled, there is a significant reduction in the intensity of migraines in the body. Even a moderate massage can reduce high blood pressure reducing overall stress and anxiety levels in your body.

Helps in Reducing Lactic Acid Build Up

Lactic Acid build-up is a prevalent problem with athletes and those who are doing labor jobs. Pleasant massage sessions increase the flow of blood in the body and decrease the lactic acid build-up. When your muscles are compressed continuously and relaxed, it empties the blood vessels, which are filled again with fresh blood. Repeating the process several times eliminates all waste products from your blood vessels, and lactic acid is one of such wastes.

Helps to Eliminate Several Health Problems

The benefits of massage chairs go above and beyond relaxation. They help to improve and eliminate several health problems. One primary ailment of massage is relief from back pain. Apart from that, relief from a headache, muscle sprain, and spinal pain are also significant health benefits of massage chairs. Moreover, massage also helps to improve symptoms of osteoarthritis and stiffness of muscles.

I’m sure after reading these benefits you’re more interested in buying a chair for you, check these reviews for this purpose.

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