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Cheap Electric Massage Chairs vs. Massage Spa

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Cheap Electric Massage Chairs vs. Massage Spa

With the advancement of technology, the way of getting relaxed is changed. Earlier, you had to go to a massage spa to get relief from the pains and stress. Now you just go to a shopping center and get an electric massage chair to get relaxed at home. But sometimes, it becomes a perplexing situation when you can’t decide which is better – an electric massage chair or massage spa? That’s what confuses the majority of people. Here are the advantages of both of them to make you clear-headed so that you could make a choice.

Comparison of Affordable Massage Chair and Massage Spa

Advantages of Going to a Massage Spa

  • When you go to a massage spa, you know you are going to an expert. So, you can explain the problematic parts of your body to him, and he can offer his services according to your requirements. Instead, it does not happen if you are using a massage machine.
  • Going to a massage spa makes you feel relax even after having the first massage session. While if you are using a massage chair for the very first time, you will face a soreness of the muscles.
  • If you are suffering from cardiovascular disease, joints pain or cancer diseases, you can’t use an electric massage chair without taking advice from your doctor. It is not the case with massage experts. You can get their services regardless of any disease.

Advantages of Cheap Electric Massage Chair

  • If you go to a massage spa, you need to drive for a long distance, while an electric massage chair can provide you with a full body massage at home.
  • You need to get an appointment with a massage expert who gives you a specific time to provide his services. Instead, you can use the massage chair any time at your home. It is all-time in your access. You do not need to set a particular time for having a massage session.
  • The masseuse will give you the services only for a certain period. For example, you will have a massage session only for half an hour or one hour. But an electric massage chair provides you with a massage session for as much time as you wish.
  • Massage spa can be expensive if you calculate the amount you spend on visiting your favorite massage spa on a yearly basis. Suppose, you pay $100 for one massage session monthly, you will pay $1200 for a year. That means you are going to pay a lot of money for one massage a month. While having an electric massage chair, you only pay for once, and that will provide you services for many years. Here, the latest technology makes a huge difference to you. The traditional hand massage method does not work as efficiently as does the massage chair.
  • The massage chair works by rollers. The rollers exert the same level of pressure on all points of your body to give you a sigh of relief from pain. That does not happen with a hand massage. You do not feel the same pressure on all parts of your body.

Note: Are you worried about using a massage chair? I know it’s common that most of us hesitate to use these machines, don’t worry check out our usage guide for massage chairs to have a better understanding of them.


It means if you go to Spa every week and spend lots of money on it, it as to be hundreds or sometimes thousands of dollars that you’re wasting per year but cheap massage chairs can cut that cost down and you can get massage every day in less than $1000 for your whole life.

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