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Best Guide On Different Comforter Sizes Available in the Market

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Best Guide On Different Comforter Sizes Available in the Market

Comforters are different than bedspreads. Comforters cover the sheets and usually do not hang to the ground as a bedspread would. Bedspreads tend to be thinner and less plush. Comforters are generally thicker and a bit more versatile than their counterparts. Just like their counterparts, comforters come in a variety of sizes. The designs and styles are unlimited, but sizes vary, so you need to pay special attention to the size of your mattress and box spring when you plan on purchasing a comforter. If you purchase the wrong size, the comforter will not look like it should, and if it is too small it will not cover your sheets, and the size difference will be very noticeable. If you choose a size that is too large, then you will cover the dust ruffle or have excess material that drags the floor and looks bulky and sloppy. Be sure to get a measurement of your mattress so that you can accurately gauge your potential purchase. The purpose of the comforter is to accentuate your bed set and create a composed look that you can be proud of, and make the room comfortable. Here is a breakdown of measurements for both your mattress and the comforter. These measurements will help you determine which size you will need to properly fit your bed set. Occasionally there can be exceptions, and this is a broad overview, but it should give you a better idea of how to select the right size and what to look for so that you do not purchase the wrong comforter and have to make a return.

Twin-size comforters

The twin-size comforter is the smallest standard size that is available on the market. This is generally the size of the mattress that is used for most kids’ rooms or for guest beds. The mattress measurement for a twin-size bed is 39″ x75″. The size of the comforter is going to be different because the comforter will hang over the edges and rest approximately just below the top of the box spring. If you have a dust ruffle, you should not be able to see where the dust ruffle starts at the top of the box spring, but rather just a few inches below, and then it should hang down unobstructed from that point. The measurement for the comforter will be 80″ x 110″.

Twin-size XL comforters

The twin-size XL bed is a bit less common than the standard size, but it does exist. Most consumers do not know that they have a larger version, but there is no need to worry if you measure and find that you have the XL version. You will simply use the standard size. For your reference, however, the size of the twin XL is 39″ x 80″. Do not be tempted to order the full-size comforter for the twin XL because it will hang unnaturally and not look as good as the regular twin-size comforter.

Full-size or double-size bed

The full-size bed is sometimes referred to as a double bed, especially in the hotel industry. This bed, as the name implies, is big enough for two people but is by no means a large bed. Most single adults choose this size because it is a step up from the twin but if you move around at night, it is just right for one person. The mattress size of the twin bed is 54″ x 75″. When you are shopping for a comforter, the measurements need to be 96″ x 110″. Another point of interest is as you may notice, the price point goes up for comforters when the size goes up.

Queen-size comforters

Queen size is the most common size for adults. Queen-size comforters are the easiest to find, and they are still moderately priced. You should not have trouble going to most stores and finding this size available on the shelf. The size of the mattress for a queen-size bed is 60″ x 80″. The measurements for the comforter are 102″ x 116″. When you start getting into the larger sizes, you may start to hear terminology such as “deep-pocket queen.” No need to worry when shopping for a comforter, however, as this term only refers to the sheet set. It simply means that you need deeper corner pockets than the average queen size, but the comforter will fit universally.

King-size comforters

Kings-size comforters are relatively common, but this is where the price of comforters usually makes a fairly significant jump upwards. There is a lot of material involved in making a king-size comforter and these beds a pretty large. The king-size bed can fit two adults quite comfortably. The measurement for the king-size bed is 78″ x 80″, and the measurement for the comforter is 102″ x 86″ to 102″ x 94″. King-size comforters are a little harder to find, and you may not be able to find one as easily as a queen-size comforter. You may want to look online if you are having trouble finding what you want at a brick-and-mortar store.

California king comforters

Just like the standard twin-size mattress and comforter, the eastern king and the California king are a little different where measurements are concerned. The measurements are the same for both of the comforters 102″ x 86″ to 102″ x 94″. Although the general measurements are the same, they are generally marketed separately. Some companies make them slightly different to better accommodate the California king’s greater flat surface area. When shopping for a California king-size comforter ensure that you check the packaging of the listing to see if the potential selection matches and is accurately labeled California king. In some cases, if you use a regular king-size comforter the edges may fall short of the box spring and look too small for the bed.

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