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7 Techniques You Must Use While Giving A Massage To Your Partner

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7 Techniques You Must Use While Giving A Massage To Your Partner

Who doesn’t loves a good massage? Gone are the days when you simply used oil or lubricant and rubbed it until it’s completely absorbed. The modern era demands something unique that is different from the caveman’s kneading methods.

Learning some proper techniques of giving a wonderful massage can make your partner happy after a hectic day at the office.

Apparently, massage seems to be low-tech or humble, but it surely is a powerful healer that can give instant relief from stress and aches, plus it helps to release the ‘feel-good’ hormones that make oneself feel comfortable and relaxed. You can have the same kind of comfort with the Inada massage chair if you don’t have a partner yet.

Over the past several years, I’ve been using these techniques and to be honest; people love them a lot. Though I’m more diverted to top rated massage chairs now, still to make my partner feel cozy during the bedtime, I use them.

1: The Neuromuscular Therapy

This massage technique involves a deep tissue massage. This is done on individual muscles that help to increase blood flow, reduce the aches and release pressure on the painful nerves. Though a common practice, yet an effective one, neuromuscular technique allows you to focus on the trigger points and tensed muscles relieving a lot of stress instantly. It helps dramatically in relieving shoulder pain and headache.

2: The Sports Technique

This technique is similar to a Swedish Massage (Next Technique). It also involves a deep tissue massage. Ideally, it is perfect for the athletes, but when done in a normal routine, it can help a lot to warm up your muscles and improve blood circulation. I found it very effective to energize the body and improve focus.

3: The Swedish Massage

This technique uses soothing, kneading and tapping strokes that give a rejuvenating and relaxing experience to the body and helps to loosen the tensed muscles and sore joints. The four main techniques used in Swedish massage involves the petrissage in which muscles are lightly grabbed and lifted, the effleurage doing the strokes, the tapotement involving chopping, tapping and beating and the vibration in which fingers are pressed and flattened firmly on the muscles.

4: The Deep Tissue Massage

This technique involves targeting the chronic tension in the muscles that are below the surface of the body. This technique should be combined with Swedish Massage to make the effects last longer. It involves slow strokes and direct pressure on the stress points.

5: The Aston-Patterning Technique

It involves bodywork, ergonomic adjustments and fitness training that helps to relieve mental and physical stress. This technique is perfect for those with acute or chronic pain that could be healed through proper postural and movement patterns.

6: The Feldenkrais

This technique focuses on different postures and movement patterns combined with slow and gentle exercise sessions. The core focus here is on expanding the range of motion.

7: The Trager

This is a rocking massage and dramatically helps to alleviate your body’s harmful holding patterns. Suppose if you had an injury in your childhood it might throw your body unbalanced and suck all of its energy. Trager Technique involves light and gentle shaking methods that make you aware of your body and the way it behaves.

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